Letting Christ Transform You From The Inside Out

 Week #1 Summary: Genesis 1-18; Matthew 1-6; Psalms 1-7; Proverbs 1-2:5

Intro: Studying God from a relational perspective

Knowing God's essence – his heart, his perspective, his principles, and his love for you - will draw you deeper into the Father/Child relationship he desires to have with you. He has gone to great lengths to reveal himself to you. Therefore, these studies will not only focus on gaining information about God, but will use that information as the building blocks upon which a trust based relationship with God can be developed. Take time to pray for wisdom from God's Holy Spirit as you reflect upon the questions and insights shared here. May God bless your journey.


The questions and notes in these studies will assume that God wrote the bible through men. We will not be questioning the validity of the bible. We will be studying it as if it is "true" and will be trying to glean whatever God has for us through its pages.

Landscape View - Questions

1. Why do you think God wrote the Book of Genesis? Why would you write a book like this for someone, namely, your own children?

2. What did God reveal to you about his heart, mind, and character in these pages?

1. Why do you think God wrote the Book of Genesis? Why would you write a book like this for someone, namely, your own children?

God must have written Genesis for a multitude of reasons. Here are a couple:

2. What did God reveal to you about his heart, mind and character in these pages?

God loves to create and is our creator.

He forms us and breathes life into us.

God is like a thoughtful landscape designer and values order.

He orderly designs things in steps, reflects on each step, then builds on it. He believes in the concepts of process and growth. He makes changes when necessary. See the Book of Genesis, chapter #1.

God's Words are Powerful.

God has the ability to “speak” and his words become reality! Whenever he says, “Let there be ___” , it happens!

God values abundance and growth.

He wants everything to multiply and fill the earth.

God believes in the value of rest and reflection.

God is relational at the core - in his essence

He reveals his name throughout Genesis as “Elohim”, a plural name. We later discover that he lives in “united relationship” with two other specific spiritual beings; namely, the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus. See Genesis 1:2, Genesis 1:26, John 1:1. After God created Adam, he referred to himself as “Yahweh Elohim”, which means Lord God. Thus, he defined his relationship with Adam by what he named himself. We will see this pattern later.

God doesn't want us to be lonely or live in isolation.

The only part of his creation that was “not good” was Adam's lack of an appropriate human partner in life.

God created us (male and female) to reflect the relational nature of his image

It is possible that humanity didn't accurately reflect his image (i.e. the relational part) until Eve was formed from Adam. Only together could they accurately reflect the image of God. These two, Adam and Eve, were separate beings with unique gifts, talents and qualities. As they worked together and lived together in community, they reflected the relational (team) nature of God, who lives in community with His Son, Jesus, and their Holy Spirit (referred to in religious circles as the Trinity).

God equips us with clear boundaries and teaches us to equip others.

God explains how we are to function in relationship with one another. He gives people roles and tasks to do. He creates order in relationships.

God gave Adam clear direction regarding his (Adam's) role with the plants and animals. Adam didn't have to guess when it came to understanding his role as the steward of the earth. Nor did he have to question the power and authority God gave him. God explains to us that Eve is Adam's helper. God gives Adam the responsibility of communicating God's words to Eve. Right here we are seeing the beginning of God equipping Adam to be like Him (God) - to learn to become a communicator, like God.

God is a protector who wants us to succeed and be safe.

He uses various means to warn people of danger, to get their attention and to speak to them: In Matthew, he used nature (a bright star in the case of the Wise Men) and angels (in Joseph's dreams) to send a clear message to people.

God values our creativity and opinion.

God let Adam name all the animals. God didn't find fault with any of the names. He modeled partnership to Adam here and validated him.

God listens to our fears and questions and acts on them.

God listened to Abram's fears and questions and didn't rebuke him for having them.

God has a nurturing / motherly side.

God teaches us, empathizes with us and can understand every type of learning style.

God does not lie; God keeps his promises.

God equips us with his words of truth (in the bible) so that we can fight our enemy, Satan.

How others make space for God in their lives

The Book of Matthew talks about the concept of “clearing the road” in order to prepare for Jesus. Here are ways that others make time to hear and see God/Jesus in their lives.

  1. Taking the only 30 minutes they have in the morning and choosing to do something different with it. Instead of watching the news as they sip their coffee, they have decided to keep the TV off and connect with the Lord and His Word, while sipping their coffee. This prepares their heart for the day.

  2. Taking the time before they go to bed to read the Bible and pray. This clears up their heart before they go to sleep.

  3. Putting index cards with scriptures around their home and in their car to help them focus on the things that really matter and to help clear toxins out of their mind and heart.

  4. Reading through their spiritual journal and keeping specific reminders about God's love for them close by.

  5. Praying for God's enlightenment before they open the Bible. One scripture from Psalm 119 that is very powerful: “God, open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law”

Consider Next Week

As you consider the next week, pray to see new beginnings in your life. Also, pray to hear his voice, which is filled with kindness, gentleness, passion and inspiration!