Letting Christ Transform You From The Inside Out

Why Did Jesus Choose to Die for Me?

God is our lifesource. In a sense, He is meant to be the air that we breathe and the light that empowers us. He, out of his generous love created humans in His image, to share eternity with them. He placed humans in Eden, a place where humans would "grow" into mature children of God - a place where souls would be "harvested" and made ready for the next role that God had in mind for them in His universe.

He gave humans abundant authority (exousia - greek word for this kind of authority). They were meant to be stewards of the earth (maintaining order) and of His image. By reflecting God's image to all creation, they would learn how to point the way to the one from whom our lifesource comes, so that everything could flourish.

When Adam and Eve made the choice to live "independent from God" their authority went to the one they chose to trust (the serpent - Satan) instead of God. Satan thrives on creating chaos and destruction. He also distorts the image of God. Everything went downhill from then on. The Shekinah Glory of God was no longer in Adam and Eve and that's why they felt naked and separated from God. Their human nature was changed and they were now prone to diseases of the body, mind and soul. Their environment was now prone to decay and prone to destructive storms. Relationships were now prone towards division instead of unity. And, "Lucifer", an angel of light, who was originally meant to minister to Adam and Eve, became "Satan" their enemy.

The universal law of justice (balance/harmony) maintains that "the soul who sins is the one who will die". This means that the choice to live "independent" from their life source, God, would produce death. Thus, for all eternity they would have to remain separated from God (eternally "dead", void of God's Spirit, and enslaved to the prince of darkness - Satan). The only way to restore balance to the universe and avoid this was to have another life, one that hadn't chosen to live independent from God, "ransom" them from their kidnapper - Satan. This life would be shed for their lives.

So, God himself became a human, Jesus the Christ. The Bible calls him the "second Adam". He exposed himself to Satan's temptations. However, unlike Adam, Jesus trusted in God's provision and was victorious over Satan's temptations. He did not make decisions independent of God's Spirit. Thus, he earned the right to shed his blood on humanity's behalf and reopen the portal to humanity's connection with God (which would bring healing and restore wholeness).

On the cross, Jesus (fully God and fully Man) bore our "sins" and our "sorrows". He FELT the separation we feel from God and from one another. And, since the Spirit of God was in Jesus, God also for the first time could FEEL the weight that we FEEL due to our "sin". He also could FEEL the brokenness we feel as a result of being abused by another person. That's why Jesus cried out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me."

At the moment of Jesus' death, a portal was opened from earth to heaven. The bible says that the curtain of the Temple was torn apart (from top to bottom). This door was the way that humanity could be restored to our original identity as sons and daughters of God. This door was and is our path back to the Father (God) for anyone who believes and trusts in Jesus and chooses to become his follower/apprentice. Now, in Christ, if we choose, by faith, to go through the portal Jesus has opened, we get to be REBORN with God's Spirit living in us. We get to be "light-bearers" of God's light and bring life to all around us.

Note: Jesus could have shed his blood (died) in any manner to balance out the law of universal justice and redeem us. He could have just had his throat slit. That would have been quick and easy. However, to show us how much he loved us, he chose the path of long suffering. Also, as God has always used imagery to explain things to us, He continued to do so through the imagery of the cross. Its cross beam shows how Jesus put to death the division between people groups. Its vertical beam shows how Jesus put to death the dividion between humans and God. Through his death on the cross, Jesus reconciled ALL things to God.

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