Letting Christ Transform You From The Inside Out

 Relationships: Communication, Identity Issues, Recovery and Abuse

Following are articles, bible studies, and recommended books that will equip you in nurturing healthy communication in your relationships, setting boundaries, recognizing and dealing with abuse, identifying identity issues that keep you stuck in a codependent or abusive mindset, and healing from your past.

There is also a Marriage Separation Plan for those who want to save their marriage but need some time apart while they deal with their issues. Without a plan, there is not much hope for progress.

Healthy Relationships


Let Jesus show you how to set boundaries and resolve conflicts. Increase your effectiveness as a communicator.

Conflict Resolution - Step by step guide
Becoming a Good Listener
Communication: "You" vs. "I"
Boundaries: How Jesus Set Them
Boundaries: Phrases to Use With Others
Boundaries: Learn a Good Approach
Forgiveness - What is it?

Abuse - Identify It

Downward Spiral of Abuse

God grieves over abuse. Let God reframe your thinking. Recognize abusive behavior (especially emotionally abuse and neglect), and know how to withdraw from it.

Abuse: Am I responsible or to blame?
Abuse: God's attitude towards abuse
Abuse: How the Passive Aggressive Person Abuses Your Rights
Abuse: Answering People Who Challenge Your Choices As You Strive to Deal with Abuse

Identity & Wounding

Peacock - lifting up its plumes - break free from abusive ways

Become self-aware about the root issues behind you or your loved one's abusive tendencies, co-dependency, or personality disorders and get help destroying them.

Notes from the book, The Emotionally Unavailable Man - From victim to empowered person.
Repairing the Marriage Breach - due to Mother/Son wounds.
Identity: Inside the PA Personality - Help with attachment issues and abusive roots.

Navigating Storms

Navigating the Fog

Life is filled with suffering and pain. Here are stories that will help you feel like you aren't all alone in your suffering. Insights about pain are also shared.

Lessons Learned From a Miscarriage
Where is God In My Pain?

Marriage Separation Plan

Pathway of Peace - Marriage Separation Plan

Marriage Separation Plan- for those who want to save their marriage, but need some time apart. Without a plan, growth is unlikely and chaos may reign.

Marriage Recovery: Separation Plan