Letting Christ Transform You From The Inside Out

What Is Salvation?

Ideally, this article is designed for people raised with some type of Christian awareness. If you were raised with very little or no understanding of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, it might be more helpful for you to start here.

Christian Salvation = Personally embracing Christ Jesus as both your Savior/Redeemeer and your Lord/King.

1. Embracing Christ Jesus as your Personal Savior/Redeemer

This begins with intellectually understanding that, through Jesus' blood shed on the cross, He paid the ransom for your own immortality, took the blame for all the sins you and others have committed against one another, and established the fact that total forgiveness and freedom from spiritual decay is now available to you. His death and resurrection freed you from the accusations of Satan and from the control of both Satan and your sinful nature.

To embrace this personally means that you

  1. See your need for a Savior (i.e. understand some of the "specific" sins you have committed against God and others and acknowledge that you are helpless to transform yourself in any way that's lasting.)
  2. Apologize to God and others.
  3. Accept God's forgiveness of your sins. (Forgive yourself).

2. Embracing Christ Jesus as the King/Lord of Your Life

This entails the intellectual understanding that through His resurrection from the dead, he not only proved his Sonship to God (Jehovah) and earned the right to sit at the right hand of God and rule, but He is ALIVE and is your personal King whom you desire to give your highest allegiance to. You also must understand that there is a Holy Spirit, which is sent from Christ, which will fill you when you turn to Him and accept his offer of salvation.

To truly embrace this personally means that you

  1. Desire to have Him inhabit you through His Holy Spirit and make you into a new person (one who has His very heart and mind).
  2. Are willing to let Christ, through His and God's Holy Spirit, be your teacher and the top priority relationship in your life. As with any relationship, you are committed to nurturing it through constant communication:
    listening to Him through His Word - the Bible, and praying to Him.

If you have emotionally embraced the two truths about Jesus above, then your relationship with God is reconciled. Your soul is released from Satan's accusations against you as well as Satan's oppressive control over you. You are free to grow in your understanding of and live the abundant life God created for you. You also don't need to be afraid to die. Your soul is covered by the blood of Jesus and you will live in eternal light with God in heaven.

In response to this fact, the very first thing the Holy Spirit will long to do is testify to your adoption by God at your water baptism:

At your water baptism is where you show (outwardly) that you have accepted Christ (inwardly) as both your Savior and Lord. This is the biblical version of the "altar call" that is used today. It testifies to the gospel message with its visual imagery of what has happened to us: (See Romans 6:1-4)

  1. We have Died with Christ - (we symbolically get to imagine ourselves dieing with Christ as we are lowered into the water)
  2. We have been buried with Christ in the grave - (we symbolically get to feel our "old dead self" buried with Christ as we are totally submersed)
  3. We have been Resurrected with Christ's Spirit - (we symbolically get to feel resurrected with Christ, with His Spirit, to a new life as we are lifted up from the water).

For those who truly imagine themselves experiencing their death, burial, and resurrection with Christ, this is truly a transforming experience!!! This experience validates the fact to us and others that we now have a new life in Christ and have been "born-again". Your water baptism is also where God makes it clear to all the other spiritual beings (the devil and his demons as well) that you now belong to Him; you are now his adopted Son or Daughter. You are now emersed/baptized in the name/essence of God, Christ and their Holy Spirit. In other words, you "carry" their name and belong to them! God says, "get behind us, Satan".

The Holy Spirit will enlighten you and transform you in other ways, as well:

You will increasingly be transformed into the image of Christ.

You will have good days and bad days. Every Christian grows at a different rate in various areas of their lives.
Please remember that this is a process!!! The more you allow Jesus into your life, the more you will be transformed.

Due to the enormous amount of false teaching about Jesus and his role in salvation, I strongly caution you to consider what "message" you have believed and accepted about Christ.

If you are not experiencing any "inner change" in your desires, it is highly likely that something is missing in your understanding of what it means to accept Jesus as BOTH your Savior and your Lord. Or, you think salvation is only for your life after you die. The book "Victory Over the Darkness", by Neil Anderson, deals with this issue and will help you live out your salvation NOW. It explains who you are NOW in Christ, what you have been set free of, and how you can live the life God intends for you NOW.

The following articles might help you figure out what is truly blocking your internal acceptance of BOTH.

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